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Media / Re: Blackman turns into White man.
« on: May 28, 2010, 08:34:23 AM »
wow...unfortun ately, there is some truth wrapped up in his diatribe.  However, his method of delivery mixed with half truths and ridiculous encouragement to "get rid of"...portrays Christians as fanatics and worse. 

Media / Re: Who can find the best Security Cam?
« on: May 28, 2010, 06:15:09 AM »
The bitch didnít have sex by herself.  You had sex with the bitch, whom you met on the net, in addition to women met on Craigslist, MySpace etc.  The personal ads placed on Craigslist are quite telling.  The video is even more telling.  I hope the current girl never finds out that you called her on speakerphone while on vent and asked her to come suck your dick. You said she would do it just to be near you. Classic.

The bitch has been separated since July 2007 so the spousal reference is irrelevant.  The bitch made a decision to walk away from the sex with the liar in Atlanta.  Even though there were other episodes, the sex was never the issue but it makes for good drama so that explains your fixation with it.  You even attempted to show a new "nudie" of yourself that you carry on your cell phone at Nitro's sister's memorial service. Sickening.  And, you asked the bitch what she was doing after the service.  That is why the bitch left early.  NO, the REAL issue is about the money.  While you were sticking your hands in the bitch's *&^% you were sticking your hands in her wallet.  And, as long as the wallet was open you continued to lie. You told the bitch that she should feel special; you were exclusive to her for a while.  Oh, the bitch should have been honored!

Letís review history...

The bitch provided for you when you lost your security job because you were mentally unable to handle the stress.  Your wife would only give you a $20 a week allowance for cigs/weed so you were" trapped".  You complained about not having things for yourself or your kid(s).  No food, no gas, nothing.  All the while you didnít reveal that you were living in a house provided by and living with your mother in law and brother in law.  Yet, you contacted the bitch daily with the information needed to get you enough cash to play with.  You even resorted to drug trafficking.  Once while riding in the car with the bitch, you asked her to go in halves on a green screen so you could take pictures of yourself in your garage.  Of course the bitch paid for all of it not just half.  It was a promise of a new employment opportunity, after all. Wasnít it?

You left for Hawaii when Steve (Hawaiian hellcat) bought you a ticket.  You lived with him and mooched until the family got tired of you being there and not working.  You complained of no food and had to ride a scooter to get around.  Once you got a job working with Steve you siphoned gas from the company and even used that bit of information to get him fired forcing your "best friend" to leave the island.   While in Hawaii you contacted the bitch daily.  You were able to convince the bitch that you would lose your job because you were having dental problems and couldnít work.  You got the money but there was no dental issue.  You complained about eating ramen noodles and frozen junk, you stole a surfboard so that you could go to Hookipa and "show off your body" to everyone.  The bitch saw firsthand your fixation with making sure everyone noticed you.  The bitch provided you with a place to stay and food for a week while she was on vacation there.  The Bitch bought you an airbrush kit that you abandoned when you came back to Texas. You complained about staying with Steve and plotted your exit by abandoning his car at the airport and flying home using the ticket the bitch paid for.   You went back to Hawaii (using of course a ticket the bitch paid for) and continued in your daily contact.   There are documented transactions indicating monies sent to you from the bitch while you lived in Hawaii.  You stayed until you cried that you missed your family in Texas.  Again, the bitch paid for a ticket for you to go home to your wife. 

Once home you were confronted with the information your wife obtained by installing an illegal key logger to your computer and finding your passwords.  She confronted all the women you'd been chatting with including the bitch.  In a wise move, despite her attempts to extort money from the bitch, the wife realized that extortion/bribery is a felony punishable with jail time.  She backed off upon receipt of an attorney letter and allegations of illegal activity.

So you were kicked out and had only a bicycle to get around.  Again, the bitch in her stupid compassion, bought you a used car.  A BMW in fact..not the greatest of shape but a status symbol which the bitch knew was what you were all about.  You moved into the trailer park with your best friend and had sex with his girl.  Nice.
The bitch, whom you had sex that you met on the net, provided clothes, shoes (ha), equipment, and travel.  The bitch paid for you to go to Atlanta to meet bone.  She paid for you to have your own room because the bitch didnít want to share hers.  She provided for food, rental car, airfare, etc. The Bitch paid for you to buy a gift for your wife.  The Bitch paid your phone bill for over a year. The bitch paid for you to register the car and buy insurance. The bitch provided food for you when you called and complained about not eating for "days".  Once the bitch saw you eating on livestream all the while talking to the bitch on the phone feigning faint and hives from not eating in hopes of obtaining monies.  Didnít work that time.
Sold the car and bought a video camera. You were unable to hold a job so you moved back home and wound up in jail after pistol whipping your wife and cutting her with an exacto knife.   You continued the daily contact with the bitch during this whole time.  Called collect on a daily basis...sent letters of love and poems...and then of course, there came the letter requesting money for your jail account.  Of course the bitch would provide just like she had already.  You told her how you loved her, loved how she smelled, wanted to wake up next to her, etc. You loved the sophistication and mental intellectual stimulation you got from talking to the bitch everyday and traveling to places she provided.  You enjoyed the filet mignon and the salmon, fine wine and spirits, fine bed linen and resorts.  Everyone around you was uneducated and unable to hold a competent conversation.  (Note to Steve...I see your mind working after that stimulation comment) You even had your mom contact the bitch, that you met on the net and had sex, regularly to keep up with your situation.  How many times did the Bitch talk you out of a depression?  How many times did the Bitch talk you off the railroad tracks where you wanted to kill yourself?  How many times did the Bitch cry with you over your self-mutilation when you were depressed and would cut your face?

After your release you talked to the bitch about providing you a monthly income until you could get your disability payments established.  You had used your mother to lie to the government to obtain the $750 a mo in disability and now also received $200 a mo in food stamps.  You can't "work with the public, I'm too violent".   Then you moved in to the one room space and continued the daily contact.  You established a production business using the camera and a computer purchased by your mother and the bitch, downloaded what you claim, "Over $17,000 worth of pirated software", and proceeded to school yourself in video editing by watching you tube video tutorials.  You claim to be an expert graphic artist and yet you never graduated high school, you were "medically" discharged from the service after less than six weeks, and have no formal schooling at all.  You do not charge for your "production" except for the bartering with Billy Clark for weed. And, when that went bad you published a derogatory video about his company.  Your video editing company is a farce.  You can't even pay for webhosting on a regular basis. 

The bottom line is that you are a liar.  Proven fact.  In your own words you said, ďI will always lie".   You say, ďI will never tell the truth ",Ē I am completely insane ".  You bold faced lied to the bitch and many other people.  Your own friends ratted you out so now your life revolves around an internet persona whereby you convince people that you are the expert in promotion etc.  None of it is true.  None.  You would rather lie than tell the truth.  It is sad, really.  The Bitch has personally seen you steal a womanís credit card all because she just wasnít paying attention.  You even scammed the sonic down the street from you for free food and drink with fake coupons.

In regard to MAFIA...first off the bitch is aware of the double standard for women here.  You guys can lie, cheat, steal and hold in high regard those who do but when the bitch makes a ridiculous mistake she is a whore and crucified.  The true definition of a whore is one who has sex for money.  Go ahead and crucify the bitch, If the bitch had her identity in your approval the bitch wouldnt be here.  The bitch isnt going anywhere.  It makes the bitch giggle to know you spend so much time and energy discussing her life.  Crucify the bitch, if you must, for making an aggregious error, but not for breaking any mafia rules. It is interesting and part of the double standard that you have all sorts of personal information about bone, steve, roshan, hellraiser, and many otheres and yet you choose not to exploit or mock their personal informaion.  It is a courtesy actually...obv iously for those who have no regard for civility, there is no courtesy afforded here.  That does not give you license to be disrepectful when it makes for good drama.  It only makes you out to be an idiot.  Just because you dont like a comment doesnt make it a rule breaker.  Examine yourself there.

Look around, there are those who have refrained from encouraging this drama...they are the ones, even if they like the drama or agree with the drama, have enough couth to keep their comments respectful and let you show forth your true self.   Either way, the bitch's identity isnt in your approval or in what mood you wake up in today. 

In regard to Bone:  the bitch did not send him a PM request to make any statement at all.  As a matter of fact, the bitch asked him to refrain.  The bitch did copy Bone on every PM exchanged between her and TJ (without any comment from the bitch) so he would be aware of TJ's efforts.  He asked the bitch to help him discover the problem and provide proof but the bitch refused.  The bitch didnt want there to be any perception of a bias.  Bone discovered it himself then made this thread.

Media / Re: for tj
« on: May 26, 2010, 06:56:30 PM »
is a peace offering needed?  I just thought it was a weird cat show and thought of TJ, he is the cat man, indeed.

(SPELT = an ancient grain, SPELLED = to name, write, or give the letters of words)  <<<  FYI, Steve. 

General / Re: MG's Texas Tax Service
« on: May 26, 2010, 01:49:02 PM »
LOL...thankful ly that is not my case.   8)

Media / for tj
« on: May 26, 2010, 07:48:53 AM »

General / Re: MG's Texas Tax Service
« on: May 26, 2010, 04:43:56 AM »
funny...$250.00 an hour you too can be an elitist.   ;) ;D ::) O0 <<<<Steve!

General / Re: Happy Birthday Ricardo
« on: May 24, 2010, 08:29:35 AM »
happy belated, Victor.  Hope you had a great time.  17?  Really?

Spam / Re: Mad Libs
« on: May 24, 2010, 07:38:11 AM »
who had sex with his girl in Buda,

General / Re: Happy Birthday Hellraiser
« on: May 23, 2010, 07:22:47 AM »
Birthday Happies, Kyle.  Hope it is the best ever. 

Media / Re: Moon
« on: May 22, 2010, 06:55:42 PM »
very nice, Loaded.

Spam / Re: Table chair
« on: May 22, 2010, 06:50:32 PM »

Spam / Re: Table chair
« on: May 22, 2010, 04:25:40 PM »
You never know who a table chair is friends with, you might not want to mess with it.

table chair has been around, indeed.  i just found out table chair has three kids instead of two and has three different STDs.  Beware of table chair.  

Join / Re: Hello
« on: May 20, 2010, 06:58:00 PM »
Wow, I don' remember creating that, But yeah that's me Misfit told me you needed members, and to be active on Vent and the Forums along time ago. That was my old E-Mail

Welcome back to the forum. 

fyi...Dont rely on anything MISFIT says, he is a liar.

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