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« on: February 28, 2012, 11:49:55 AM »


Media / haters heres an old drum recording
« on: January 31, 2012, 08:30:34 PM »
1st person who says it sucks im going to fukcing castrate

this is EQ'ed with adobe audtion

this was our small band

this is a big FU to Abirdy who says i have timing and rhythm issues

Media / The Strange Thing About the Johnsons
« on: November 29, 2011, 04:40:45 AM »
Wtf did I just watch?????!!!

Watch them both its a big WTF

Great short film...

part 1 http://youtu.be/vbp2lVGAKZ4?hd=1

Part 2 http://youtu.be/eMKCydogrlA?hd=1

BF 3 / 147 Reasons why BF3 is a failure[from battlelog forums]
« on: November 19, 2011, 05:55:30 PM »
this guy on the battle log forums went off on Dice ahahahahahah


90% of the stuff mentioned here are not bugs, but intended game design features - or lack of. And thus never will be fixed / corrected.

Battlefield franchise 2002 - 2006 R.I.P.

About Ea Games / Dice :

- ea games/ dice has performed the biggest lie campaign in pc gaming history
- it feels like none of the developers have ever played a pc shooter for one single second
- it’s obvious that this is a dumbed down, simplistic console port
- prime focus has been consoles, since pc games don’t sell well
- the game is unfinished and released too early, just to be released before modern warfare 3
- too many resources has been spent on the singleplayer campaign, which has left multiplayer lacking almost everything thinkable
- this game is 90% bad company 2
- battlefield 3 is done, and ea / dice don’t give a damn about adding features, fixing the game anymore
- battlefield 4 already confirmed in the work, ea / dice is copying mw3’s quick rollout quantity over quality methods

Generally :

- no patch / game version available ingame or in origin or battlelog
- no official channel for upcoming updates, only short hard-to-find scattered tweets
- voip broken
- squad management missing
- no battlerecorder
- no mod tools
- 3 apps to play one game: bf3, origin, webbrowser
- no way to explore maps and practice on empty private home servers
- not possible to change name in-game
- player names only a maximum of 16 characters long, should be 24+
- no special symbols in names, only brackets, underscore, hyphen
- no built in screenshot key function
- no separate mouse sensitivity for vehicles, infantry, planes, etc
- no ingame player to player messenger
- commo-rose not working as it should
- 60 second pause after round end, where only unlock info is available
- map load times too long …. background loading at end of current map could reduce this
- personal stats / unlocks / xp doesn’t get saved if one quits before round end

Graphics :

- depressing colours and environments … everything looks pale grey / pale brown … no true red, green, blue, yellow
- blue filter / low colour temperature on all maps
- most maps look the same
- no windows xp / directx 9 support
- no real “low” graphics settings to get high frames per second
- not state of the art directx 11 graphics ... looks like 2006 graphics
- some objects are highly detailed, others aren’t
- no way to control ranged graphics details: bushes and grass pop up of the ground, etc.
- tree animations looks shaky and overdone
- unrealistic human animations

Admining :

- No freecam or trackcam for admins / players means that admining is ruined, it’s virtually impossible to detect :

• glitching
• exploiting
• cheating
• hacking
• teamwounding
• deliberate teamkilling
• friendly vehicle damaging
• idling / afk’ing in vehicles
• waisting vehicles
• friendly vehicle destroying
• vehicle stealing when repairing
• vehicle blocking
• vehicle whoring
• spawnblocking
• taxiing to aircrafts
• taxiing with aircrafts
• mining main uncap base
• etc. etc. etc.

Maps / Levels / Game environment :

- only 9 maps at launch, should be 15 at least
- almost no maps with hills, mountains, gorges, valleys
- virtually no sea warfare, no true sea maps, no driveable ships
- carriers can’t be damaged, destroyed
- maps are too small
- centered flags on all maps
- 5 flags on seven out of nine maps
- no maps with captureable mains
- no maps where one team controls the majority or all flags at start
- no maps where the both teams control some of the flags at start
- no maps where one or both teams have no main bases
- too few vehicles on most maps
- stationary aa guns can’t be damaged / destroyed
- air vehicles are able / allowed to enter enemy mains, land vehicles, infantry is not
- only aircrafts can use the entire map, land vehicles and infantry are limited to the center only
- no special spawnpoints : parachute spawn, flying plane spawn, etc
- few or no vehicles spawn at flags
- no bomberplanes, no artillery
- no map edit tools

Ingame 3D markers / tags :

- markers over both friendly and enemy infantry and vehicles too small and too hard to notice
- flag markers are constantly visible and often in the center of the screen where aiming is needed

Ingame mechanics :

- being able to see some enemy infantry (spotted) on the minimap is the lamest feature ever
- minimum respawn time is 13 seconds … should be adjustable down to two
- while dead, spawn menu is unavailable until 10 secs has passed
- automatic respawn in main when selected spawnpoint is unavailable
- black screen up to 2 seconds after respawn
- out of bounds black screen should be removed, should be warn sign only
- only one teamswitch every second round, should be one per round
- no loadout customization after end of round
- no loadout customization after dying
- all vehicles have unlimited ammo
- altitude ceiling of 1 km for aircrafts too little, should be 2+
- no unguided bombs for jets
- one player can completely block teammates in narrow passages, ... player pushing has been disabled
- parachutes only 90 degrees directional controllable, not 360
- no shooting while sprinting
- no autosprint toggle, key has to be pressed all the time
- no underwater swimming
- some fire from burning objects do damage to infantry, others don’t
- not possible for players to see map rotation ingame
- the flashlight blinding effect in broad daylight is overdone and ridiculous
- irnv scope is idiotic and overpowered
- can only revive while standing up
- can’t pull dead players into safety before reviving
- can’t reject getting revived

Ingame GUI :

- the gui should totally adjustable ... locations, size, colours, transparency, etc

User menu :

- all menus are too small for pc resolution … its obvious they are designed for lowres consoles with gamepads
- keybindings take too long to clear ... no way to clear all keybindings at once
- user menu not available when dead and after end of round

Game modes :

- in reality only three modes, conquest, rush, tdm
- no new and original modes
- no capture the flag
- some vehicles only available in rush mode

Game view / Game cams :

- no freecam
- no trackcam for following individual players
- only one external vehicle cam
- no chasecam when being non-driver / pilot in vehicles and aircrafts

Destruction / Object interaction

- no terrain / ground deformation
- some things disappear when destroyed ... others don’t
- only some buildings are destructable
- some parts of buildings can be destroyed, while other identical parts of the building can’t
- some non enterable vehicles are destructable, others arent; cars are, forklifts, excavators aren’t
- some things can be moved around when shot at or bumped into ... others of same size and shape can’t
- player corpses are unmoveable

Spawn map :

- way way way too small
- not clickable with mouse
- too hard to distinguish between icons … better colour coding needed

Scoreboard / Player roster :

- no team totals for deaths, kills, score
- no player ping values
- player classes not shown (sniper, engineer, assault, recon)
- no victory ceremony / board at round end, no overall best, only team best, no winners of last rounds icons
- no unique player number id’s

Ticket counter :

- ticket counter disappears when switching to big minimap

Flag counter :

- flag counter disappears when switching to big minimap

Compass :

- compass disappears when switching to big minimap

Minimap :

- too small .... player arrows too small
- no minimap transparency and size control
- minimap changes between static / rotational
- minimap gets reset when entering / exiting vehicles + at respawn
- all teammates can't be seen on minimap
- no grid on minimap
- self avatar isn't highlighted with at distinct colour on minimap
- no minimap when dead and waiting to spawn
- big minimap has fluent zoom

Sound :

- ambient sound is repetitive
- ambient nonplayer gunfire should be removed

Crosshairs :

- infantry crosshairs hard to see - white is the worst color thinkable ... size, thickness, color should be adjustable

Ingame chat :

- chat box size uncontrollable
- layout and letter size uncontrollable
- shouldn’t have background colour

Server browser :

- 300 servers browser cap
- server browser needs to be scrolled down after refresh to show all
- can’t join servers by typing ip
- no ping filter
- ip of servers not showing
- not possible to see current round scoreboard in battlelog server browser
- not possible to see total number of servers
- not possible to see ticket setting in server settings

- not possible to see total number of players
- no full server filter in battlelog browser
- no options in server filter, not to pick an option
- can’t write own comments about servers
- server map rotation info on battlelog doesn’t show if maps get played one or two times
- many servers servers shows up twice

Server setup :

- not possible to set up servers on home computers
- no lan support
- no ingame timer possible
- no adjustable teambalance, only +- 1 per team
- not possible to control number of vehicles, extra vehicles, etc

BF 3 / Tac Light Reality. As close as I can get in photos. [via reddit]
« on: November 16, 2011, 09:37:29 PM »

not my photos, but you can see how they are in really like

this is only a 700 lumen light


BF 3 / BF3 PWNAGE [Screenshots]
« on: November 05, 2011, 01:49:44 PM »
Bf3 is a great game

here are some screenshots so far

in this first picture beatle is owning teh noobs, like hard, and with no hax!


i seldom do good, here is this one time lol



BF 3 / Battlefield 3 Ringtone
« on: October 28, 2011, 04:42:42 PM »
I made this and thought id share :-D

attached & link here http://www.multiupload.com/0S4JX1LH9J

BF Other / The History of Battlefield
« on: October 24, 2011, 04:54:06 PM »
GamerSpawn takes you on a trip through the history of the Battlefield franchise. From the shores of Normandy and the jungles of Vietnam to the streets of the Middle East, Battlefield has brought big, explosive battles to multiplayer gaming for the past decade. Now, relive the greatest moments of the series through the years, with GamerSpawn's History of Battlefield!

Text version: http://deltagamer.com/14816/the-history-of-battlefield


BF 3 / BF3 Resources/Links/Info
« on: October 24, 2011, 03:55:31 PM »
BF3 Resources/Links

BF3 system requirements, and recommended requirements.

OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Athlon X2 2.7 GHz
Graphic card: DirectX 10 or 11 compatible Nvidia or AMD ATI card, ATI Radeon 3870 or higher, Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or higher.
Graphics card memory: 512 MB
Sound card: DirectX compatibl sound card
Hard drive: 15 GB for disc version or 10 GB for digital version

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
Graphics card: DirectX 11 Nvidia or AMD ATI card, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 or ATI Radeon 6950.
Graphics card memory: 1 GB
Sound card: DirectX compatibl sound card
Hard drive: 15 GB for disc version or 10 GB for digital version

Video Card Drivers

Make sure you have the lastest video card drivers, this could effect performance in a big way

Nvida Drivers : http://www.geforce.com/Drivers/Results/38916

edit : http://www.geforce.com/Drivers/Results/39239 new for November 10th

ATI Drivers : http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/GPU124AMDCat1110PreDriverV3.aspx

Show In-game FPS

  1. Get in a match
   2. Bring down the console using Ctrl + Alt + `
   3. Type render.drawfps 1

Tip: The key ` (called tilde) is located above TAB and left of 1.

Activate Commo Rose

Like in battlefield 2, commo rose is implemented in game. It is not as through as in bf 2, but for now its fine

It can be activated by pressing "Q"

Joysick and Key binding support/info
There is a thread over on reddit, of a guy who build a simple program to do quick key binding customizations instead of in game, which could be troublesome
Here is a screen shot of the open beta version, he promised to make on for the final version of the game upon the release.


Battlelog - The Ultimate Stat tracker and social networking

For people who have used facebook/myspace, you will find this type of platform familiar. You can login right now and create your account. We will post a list of all *MAFIA*members  BF3 battlelog/orgin usernames and other forum members soon.

Yout can access it here : http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/
Watch demo here http://youtu.be/T5uMdGBqurs?hd=1

Battlelog Platoon/Clan info

In Battlelog, anyone can start or join a platoon. Mafia will have their own platoon and will post the link here when its registered.


Single player & Co-Op

In BF3, we are going to be able to play co-op mode via multiplayer with friends. This should be interesting :). Also doing this, will unlock specific weapons that are only unlockable via co-op mode.

BF Other / Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC beta key info
« on: January 28, 2010, 07:28:16 PM »
go here



then go here to the front page and enter ur email and put in the capcha code,


and go check ur email for ur beta key :)





Help / [resolved ]
« on: July 26, 2009, 07:43:49 PM »

disregard this thread

General / Hello!! Like Comedy? Well check this out!!!
« on: September 19, 2008, 06:20:55 PM »

Pinche Huevon is the first sketch comedy show for the RGV & The Students of The University of Texas Pan-American. We know how boring school can be, (YAWN) We plan to change that. We will be airing an episode every 3 weeks.

Hello Mafian's! Me and my buddy launched a new website monday. Its sketch comedy, i would appreciate it if you all could go and check it out and watch the videos! Spread the word! You can add uss on myspace,youtube,facebook!


BF Other / Anyone playing Battlefield Bad Company online ???
« on: July 20, 2008, 03:18:48 PM »

Well hello fellow mafians old and new members... good to see the clan still kicking ass!!!

Well i come here today, to see if any of the *MAFIA* members are playing BC online.

This is an amazing game that stays true to the original battlefield gameplay style we all know and love.

Well i got it for the PS3, not the XBOX. But feel free to post your gamer ID for XBOX as well because i got access to a friends xbox also who has BC......

well my PSN Id is : Nanoware

im currently a Lieutenant Colonel

well hope to hear back guy


General / how the years go by
« on: November 30, 2007, 03:10:01 AM »
im drunk out of my mind

its my fucking birthday

i just realized im no longer a teen

man i remember joining mafia back in 2003 or some shit

fuck man

how time fucking flys

jeremy how the fuck are you man i miss your ass

so yea, hope all of mafia is doing good, shout out to everyone who remembers me, and everyone who doesnt know me

mexico shall rise!!!!!

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