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Games / Re: Oculus, Anyone?
« on: March 01, 2021, 10:00:59 PM »
Any of you boys or girls have an Oculus? I've had one for about 3 months now and it would be bad ass to have people I know to fight Zombies with in Pavlov...or other games...Lemme know!!

Hope you're all well!!!
I’ve been playing Oculus for about three years now. I play Onward mostly and just recently joined a competitive team. VR is definitely the future man, I can’t go back to playing flat games anymore.

General / Re: The State of *MAFIA*, and the Future
« on: December 07, 2017, 07:39:52 PM »
I'd personally love to see the site keep going. I like checking in every now and then and there's a lot of memories here.  I don't have the time or desire to be in a full-time hardcore gaming clan, but I do like knowing I'm a part of a group of dudes who've played battlefield from the very beginning.  I'd happily contribute a few bucks a month to keep it up.  I wouldn't mind a facebook group to keep in closer touch with ya'll and I'd also be in favor of a move to discord over ventrilo if its free and better.

Like most of the rest of you, I've been pretty busy lately with work and side projects.  I recently moved to LA and I'm working in the music industry and doing sound design for films.

I do play BF1 whenever I get a chance and I wear the MAFIA tags. I also just bought an oculus rift and it's pretty fucking sick.

General / Re: Sgt. Bob is now BassSlappa?
« on: March 06, 2017, 09:35:48 PM »
Good to see you're doing well.  Name changed.

Awesome, thanks!!!  :-*

General / Sgt. Bob is now BassSlappa?
« on: March 02, 2017, 11:54:43 PM »
Hey guys  :) I graduated college, got a job, got money, and got a sweet new gaming desktop  O0  Which means I've been playing a ton of Battlefield 1 lately, and the name I've been using is -MAFIA-BassSlapa (fuck character limits).  Can my name be changed on here from *MAFIA* Sgt. Bob to *MAFIA* BassSlappa? I can't remember what the normal route for doing that is, which is why I'm posting here. Please and thank you. Also, whats up everybody?

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General / Re: Happy New Year 2017!
« on: March 02, 2017, 11:01:40 PM »
Happy New Year! A little late sorry...gradua ted back in May and now I've got my first job. I'm playing a lot of BF1 these days, I'll hop on vent some time!

Help / Re: Micro SD Card From Hell
« on: September 01, 2016, 10:36:59 PM »
Ok so first thing I would do is try it on a mac or linux machine.  Linux kernel is much better at handling corrupted partitions and hardware.  Heres a handy link: https://photofocus.com/2015/03/29/recover-files-from-a-corrupt-memory-card-using-mac-disk-utility/  Hopefully that would fix the file structure and bring back your pictures or at least repair it enough to run Recuva.

P.S.  Install the google photos app and upload all of your photos automatically to your google account which also has an awesome image search algorithm to help you find any picture instantly   https://photos.google.com
  Thanks for the help.  That was actually my next plan of attack since every computer I've tried is a windows machine. Problem is I don't have easy access to a mac or linux machine, so I haven't been able to try that yet (poor college graduate here).  I've been thinking about downloading a linux os to a flashdrive or something just for this, or maybe just bugging a friend to borrow their mac for a while.

But yeah, as soon as this happened, I started backing up my photos to google photos haha. If only I had done that sooner.

Help / Micro SD Card From Hell
« on: August 30, 2016, 01:41:36 AM »
Sup guys,

I have a challenge for you all.  I purchased a sandisk 64GB micro SD card about a year ago to add some storage to my Galaxy S5, and it recently took a dump.  Like a major fucking dump. First my phone started failing to recognize it, then when I plugged it into my laptop's card reader via an adapter windows wouldn't recognize it either. Now, the fucker crashes everything I plug it into now.  Windows eventually recognizes it as an SD card after five minutes or so, but if I right-click on it, windows explorer just crashes.  I've plugged it into three different computers now, with the same exact results on every system.  I've tried four different recovery software programs (ZAR, Recuva, Photo Rec, and EaseUS) to try and get some pictures off of it, and each of them crash when I point them at the SD card. Even chkdsk won't touch it, it just says chkdsk is not available for RAW drives.

My question, is what the hell could have happened to this micro SD card to crash every computer I plug it into?  It crashes windows explorer every time I try to access it, to the point where the computer will hang up until I physically remove the drive.  It also won't turn off until I remove the drive, nor will it boot up unless I remove the drive.  Have I created some sort of super virus? Also any suggestions on how to recover any photos off of it would be awesome, because there's a lot of photos on there I'd love to recover.


Also apartment searching in LA is awful.  :shoot:

General / Just stopping by...
« on: February 22, 2016, 02:24:16 PM »
What's up guys, just dropping in to say hello.  I can't believe I haven't been kicked out for inactivity. What's everybody up to these days?  Has everyone moved on to BF3+BF4 now?

I'm about to graduate college with a bachelor's in Music Management and a minor in business.  I'm heading down to LA over spring break to meet with some industry professionals and hopefully land a job in a recording studio or record label or management agency or whoever will hire me.  I've produced a few albums over my years in college, and have two more currently in the works, so I've been spending a lot of time in the recording studio.  Eventually I might be looking into doing sound design for video games. Senior year is kicking my ass and it's been months since I've actually played a video game though. 

Let me know what you all have been up to.

Also check out this mash-up. It's probably one of the most significant pieces of music of the 21st century.


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General / Re: Happy Birthday Sgt. Bob
« on: January 31, 2015, 12:19:40 AM »
Thanks.  Damn, it's been a while since I've been around here.  I'm in my third year of college if anybody cares to know, studying audio engineering now. Hope everybody is well.

General / Re: Happy bday Bob
« on: February 17, 2014, 01:01:55 AM »
Ha, a little late, but thanks dudes.   :)

Help / Re: Installing OS onto an mSATA drive.
« on: August 21, 2013, 02:01:02 PM »
I don't know much about this kind of setup. I found much cheaper deals though:

Wow thanks, perfect reviews on this one too.  I'm gonna do a bit more research online before trying it out, I just didn't know if any of you had tried a similar setup before.

Help / Installing OS onto an mSATA drive.
« on: August 19, 2013, 10:02:54 AM »
So I got my laptop from being repaired (turns out it was a faulty mainboard, not the graphics card, but they fixed it for free) and now I'm looking to make one upgrade on it.  It has an mSATA port, so i'm thinking of buying a 64GB mSATA drive and installing my OS and a few programs onto it to speed it up, while keeping everything else on my 1TB hard drive.  In theory it should also smooth out a lot of hiccups and latency I get when mixing music if I have my audio software on one drive and the actual audio on another drive. 

I have a Lenove y580, and this is the mSATA drive I'm thinking about getting.


Does this sound like a good idea? I've heard some people say mSATA drives aren't as fast as SDDs, but i'm sure it would be a boost over my 5200 RPM harddrive. 

What do ya'll think?

Join / Re: Referrals
« on: August 09, 2013, 05:06:36 PM »
DarkYunan has my referral.

Join / Re: Want to join mafia
« on: August 04, 2013, 10:54:59 AM »
I think we need to start a fund to get him Premium so he can play on the server more. He's a great player, I'll give him a recommendation .

Help / Re: Graphics Problem
« on: August 03, 2013, 10:28:26 PM »
It's working for now, on BF3 at least.  I'm going to try playing a few different games though and see how it handles them.  If it crashes playing them but not during BF3 then that makes me think its some software issue. Today I got a windows message saying:

"Compatibility issue between your power management system and Windows
Your power management system isn't compatible with this version of Windows.
The model name of your power management system is Lenovo ACPI-Compliant Virtual Power Controller"

Possibly this is the problem?

EDIT: Tried launching Bioshock Infinite twice just now, the game crashed both times after a few minutes...

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