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Author Topic: Buddy List  (Read 1518 times)

*MAFIA* Beatlejuice

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Buddy List
« on: January 07, 2006, 04:24:12 PM »

Simply click on the attachment in the last post and either run it or save it.  It will automatically load all of the current *MAFIA* members into your in-game buddy list, making them green when you play with them.  If you see a member not on this list, or if someone's name is incorrect, please let me know.

Quote from:  41 *MAFIA* Members
*MAFIA* ( . )Y( . )
*MAFIA* Balthazar
*MAFIA* Beatlejuice
*MAFIA* lackOut
*MAFIA* lkjx
*MAFIA* Bonehead
*MAFIA* Dempy
*MAFIA* Dilly
*MAFIA* Drackonfyre
*MAFIA* Dune Surfer
*MAFIA* ExcoWear
*MAFIA* Gear
*MAFIA* Head Hunter
*MAFIA* Hellraiser
*MAFIA* IronMan
*MAFIA* Kingpin
*MAFIA* KrautKiller
*MAFIA* Loaded
*MAFIA* Malbert
*MAFIA* Manowar
*MAFIA* masebot1
*MAFIA* Meeester
*MAFIA* MeZmoriZe
*MAFIA* Milky Way
*MAFIA* MisfiT
*MAFIA* mrkillajohn
*MAFIA* (offline)
*MAFIA* Scooby
*MAFIA* Sgt. Bob
*MAFIA* Spitz
*MAFIA* $pRiNgFieLd
*MAFIA* Swampfox
*MAFIA* Thunder
*MAFIA* Tim_@916
*MAFIA* Tin_man_
*MAFIA* Vermillion
*MAFIA* Wasserfaller

C>Program Files>EA Games>Battlefield194 2

Make sure you save this to the profile name you play under.
It is set to save into CUSTOM if you do not change it.  

PM me if you have any questions or problems.
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